The Fringe 365 Project

Fringe 365 - Day 1

The Fringe 365 Project was something I decided to do on the spur of the moment on New Year’s Day 2013: create one Fringe drawing every day for a year.  The purpose of the project was to keep the memory of Fringe alive, to hopefully encourage other fan artists, and to take a whole year to hammer out some issues I have with my artwork.

I wanted to try this project because while there are a lot of talented artists out there (way more advanced and experienced than me), I was always hoping to see more Fringe fan art that went beyond caricature. Also, I felt a little disappointed that some of the existing Fringe comic books out there didn’t really remind me of the show (“Beyond the Fringe” excepted). Rather than sit around complaining, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and take the challenge!

On most days, I used the Random Number Generator to generate a random Fringe episode number (1-100). I either watched parts of the episode again, or at least read the transcript, to get an idea for something that we didn’t get to see in the episode. Sometimes I didn’t use the “episode of the day” prompt and just try something off the cuff.

Most days I had only three hours available to complete a drawing and get it posted, so some of the entries are not as ambitious as I would have liked. Since Fringe is about experiments, I see this project as a big art experiment where I could try many different styles and also come face to face with my own weaknesses. I also worked on multi-day projects occasionally (and still do). In between all this, I try to squeeze in development time – trying new software and apps, reading books, and of course a lot of practice.

I was fortunate enough to finish the Fringe 365 Project on December 31, 2013. Some of my favorite entries are here. My goal is to produce more speculative Fringe art on a monthly basis in 2014.

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