Fringe Forward No. 1

Read the first part of the story here

Henry-Cover-small henry-01-small-a
Henry-02-small Henry-03-small

henry-06-smallcorrected henry-07-small-corrected
henry-08-small Henry-09-small
henry-10-small Henry-11-small
henry-12-small henry-13-small
Henry-14-small henry-15-small
henry-16-small henry-17-small
henry-18-small image
henry-20-small henry-21-small
henry-22a-small henry-22-small-a
henry-23-small-a henry-24-small-a

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “Fringe Forward No. 1

  1. oh gods this is brilliant! love love love your storyline ideas and would so want to see them happen in further seasons (which could easily be filled with all this potential). i was desperate for more of their story and am excited to find/have been led to something done so well. also very happy that it’s still ongoing. so curious to see where you’ll take it! thank you so much for sharing your work, it’s ~wonderful 🙂

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