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Midway through the narrow and unstable passageway beneath the TD Garden complex, Olivia knew her FBI career was over no matter what. When she came back (before or after making it to the Other Side), Broyles would fire her immediately for gross insubordination, not to mention violation of General Order No. 1. If she didn’t come back, no one would ever know what had happened to her.

She’d made her peace with that before accepting the shapeshifter Canaan’s offer to be her guide through Hell. It was the only way she would have any chance of getting help for Peter from the only man who knew how to cure his illness. She could only hope that Secretary Bishop was still alive. After all, it had been almost fifteen years since the closing of the Bridge, when all contact between the worlds had ceased.

Olivia was also hoping beyond hope that Etta had been transported Over There by Peter’s machine. If not, surely the Secretary could help find her; he was the closest thing to Walter Bishop she would find…

Canaan, having survived two coffee smuggling runs under the Garden, had emphatically warned Olivia that under no circumstances was she to turn around once they were inside the passage, since the exact location of the border between universes here was ever-shifting. It was fortunate, then, that they hadn’t yet reached the cosmopause when she heard a cry that compelled her to look back.

“Take me with you!”

It was Henry, scrambling over the glowing concrete. Canaan swore mightily as Olivia grabbed the boy and pulled him to her side. “Too much mass – he doesn’t belong!” Canaan hissed at them. “Now we’re dead!”

But the extra mass made no difference – or maybe it was Olivia herself who was the positive factor — and they got through, emerging on the Other Side from beneath a block of modest apartments.

After confirming how to contact him later, Canaan quickly slipped away into the shadows; David Robert Jones’ orphans weren’t any more welcome Here than they were back There.

To plan her next move, Olivia just needed some air. And she knew exactly where they could go for that.

This picture is part of the Fringe Forward Project, an ongoing monthly series of speculative art.