December 2015 update

Kind of crazy, but it’s been nearly two years since I last made a formal blog post… so this is just a little update about where Fringecomix has been for the past 18 months… and where it’s going in 2016.

The story thus far:

In 2013, I completed the Fringe 365 Project. (And, I learned an awful lot from it too!) When I finished the year of daily fan art, I realized I had enough ideas for years of Fringe projects. Kind of like Walter’s 17 years in a mental institution!

Henry-Cover-small Well, maybe it won’t take 17 years, but Fringe Forward has definitely turned into a multi-year concoction. In 2014, I decided to spend more focused time on digital painting, and posted a new piece on the 18th of every month (to commemorate the January 18 date of Fringe’s last episode in 2013). You can see these paintings and read more about the ongoing story they’re illustrating here.

Because I love throwing myself into big-scope projects using techniques I don’t yet know much about, for 2015 I decided to do a 25-page webcomic that also continued the story, Fringe Forward No. 1, which was completed this November. You can read the whole comic here.

While I was working on the longterm Fringe Forward projects in 2014 and this year, I was also now doing a lot of non-fan-art projects. At the same time, my personal life changed a lot in 2015, as I moved on from a longtime employer. My future career plans likely won’t involve art full-time, but it’s definitely going to be a bigger part of my life going forward. (You can read my general art blog, Padsketch, which focuses on digital art developments, technique and art business, and also check out my work in another universe as a mild-mannered animal artist.)

But getting back to Fringe…

junefinal-1200-darkI’m most excited to let you know that Fringe Forward will be back in 2016 and that the story will continue. (I’ve wanted to get to this part of the Fringe Forward saga for a long time!) I’ll once again be creating a series of monthly paintings (and lots of other stuff) telling the next chapters in the saga.

Are there plans for a Fringe Forward Vol. 2 comic? Definitely yes, as there is a whole lot more of this story to tell. Let’s just say that I learned a lot doing Fringe Forward No. 1, and that I have a lot of plans for trying to use the webcomic medium more effectively next time around. (I also promise to update it way more frequently!) So, Vol. 2 is tentatively set for 2017.

So, hard to believe but in just a couple of weeks, I’ll be starting off on Year 4 of this incredibly rewarding fan art project. One of the reasons it’s so rewarding is because Fringe fans are simply the best! Thank you for following along so far, and I hope you enjoy Fringe Forward in 2016. There will be characters old and new… there will be science… and, if you’ve been wondering where Walter Bishop is, you will get your answer.

Have a happy new year and thanks for your support!