Every Action Causes Ripples


Every action causes ripples… consequences both obvious and unforeseen.

After months of fevered work modeled on the white tulip schematic that Walter had left behind, Peter’s machine was discovered by Olivia, who confronted him when Fringe Division surveillance had noticed unusual power fluctuations in the warehouse housing his makeshift lab. She was even more upset to discover that Peter had been bringing Etta to his clandestine work sessions all along.

When Broyles sent a Fringe Division containment team into the lab – against Olivia’s wishes – Etta heard them coming. Knowing she was in big trouble, she thought they were coming for her. The machine seemed like a safe place to hide.

She didn’t know that no one should ever touch the petals – especially not Etta Bishop.

This painting (click for full size version) is part of an ongoing monthly series of speculative art. It was inspired by Fringe 365 Project entry #148 and is part of the Fringe Forward series.