The High Ground


Overwhelmed with the sheer amount of notes and other materials that Walter had left for her, Astrid sought the help of experts at Massive Dynamic. What was worth saving? But it didn’t take long for the prediction in Walter’s letter to come true. When they delayed returning Walter’s notebooks, Astrid went to New York to find out why. Nina Sharp, who now divided her time between running Massive Dynamic and Fringe Division’s new science wing, invited her to attend the spring meeting of the Board. But the cordial mood soon changed as Astrid realized there was little chance of getting the notebooks back. Determined not to leave empty-handed, she took one old journal with her – the one that Nina seemed to want the most.

This artwork is part of an ongoing monthly series of speculative art. It was inspired by Fringe 365 Project entry #165 and is part of the Fringe Forward series.