Walter’s World


I’ve been asked if Walter is part of the Fringe Forward series, and indeed he is. This is one glimpse of him. (There may be others.) It’s difficult to see into the crystal ball of 2167 right at the moment, but Walter Bishop is most definitely alive!

This artwork was made in Inkpad, a vector drawing program for the iPad. Click for the full sized version.

3 thoughts on “Walter’s World

  1. Hi there! Since it’s not allowed to put links in askbox on tumblr, I thought I would try here 🙂

    I saw on Twitter that your were asking writers to link you to their work, so I’m sharing one of mine. This story is from Olivia’s POV, post finale.

    Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see the next installment in this series 😉

    • Thanks Elialys! I sent you a PM via since I can’t seem to reach you by email!

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