March 2014 Update

It would be great if I could actually write my monthly updates BEFORE the month is actually over, but them’s the breaks! I have had a really busy four weeks, both in “real life,” and in Fringie life. (Ah but which one is real, and which is the illusion?)

letter1400So far I’m 3-for-3 on the speculative Fringe painting of the month! On the 18th of every month, I have been posting a series of pictures about the Fringe universe, post-2015. The paintings are all related (as is most of the other art I post these days), so if you are wondering what the characters are up to, stay tuned! Much more is to come…

A couple people have asked about the March painting, and what is in the letter from Walter that Astrid is reading? Here’s the full text of the letter…


trio-printsize I was a little busy this month working on some commissions (both Fringe-related and non-Fringe) and I haven’t had time to update my Society6 shop lately, but there is some new stuff in there at last. You can now buy prints of the Walter/Peter/Olivia picture I posted to Tumblr a few weeks ago (click the pic for direct link), as well as a few other new items.

(I am not currently offering any Society6 shower curtains (!) and have no plans to do so… although, thinking about it, a shower curtain with Walter’s universe portal on it would be pretty cool. Hmmm….)


Part of the fun of doing a 365 day art project is that at the end, you are left with a crapload of spare art just hanging around. Back when Fringe was on, Fox had distributed some promotional magic Fringe photo cubes to journalists and VIP’s and everyone thought they were the coolest thing ever, but they weren’t available to fans at large. Just out of curiosity I had my own photo cube made up, and I think it turned out pretty well! It’s a cute little toy that fits in the palm of your hand (see it in action here). I’m hoping to offer a very limited number of these for sale in the future, with some new artwork that will be exclusive to these cubes. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! It sounds very much like what he’d say to Astrid, and it makes me wibble all over again.

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