Fringe 365 Project – #356


A collection of failed experiments stashed in the basement of the lab…

A salute to the adventurousness of Fringe cannot be complete without a remembrance of those few brave, WTF plotlines that just didn’t fly. (This piece is also in memoriam of all the stuff on my iPad that never got posted, and probably should never be posted… not to mention certain actual Fringe 365 entries that should never have been let out of the dungeon. Ahem.)

You can’t tell from this innocent picture, but I spent time looking at some truly horrifying reference images for this (I was originally going to go for more realism). And I thought Gore Week was bad. Just Google “The Veterinary School of Anderlecht” and “The Mutter Museum.” I can’t even bear to link to them. (I also took photos in my basement, which was almost as horrible, except without the dead animals and skeletons.)

I’ve also discovered the Moleskine app, which is the first app I’ve found that really helps me organize sketches, reference images and other material. Surprisingly, even the best art apps aren’t very good for organizing what goes into a project. The Moleskine app is a bit buggy, but promising. Here are some screenshots of pages in “Storyboard” mode.

Photo Dec 21, 8 04 20 PM Photo Dec 21, 8 04 03 PM