Fringe 365 Project – #346


Agent Amy Jessup. (I know she wasn’t on the show very long, but I couldn’t let the year run out without including her!)

I have finally taken the plunge and bought a pressure-sensitive stylus, the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus. I had tried other pressure-sensitive styluses before but wasn’t too enthusiastic about them. I don’t prefer the “clear disc” type stylus, so the Wacom with its larger solid nib feels more natural to me. The Wacom also comes with a thoughtfully provided snap-shut case and extra nibs. And it works with Procreate and Sketch Club, my two apps of choice. (Word of warning, though: the Wacom has some issues on the latest iPad and the newest iPad minis. If you have an iPad 4, it should work just fine.)

I think it is already making a difference in my drawing, as you will always get a livelier and more natural line with pressure sensitivity.