Fringe 365 Project – #345


It’s odd that this project is nearly at an end, yet I have not done anything inspired by the Season 4 episode “Forced Perspective.” This is the episode where the Freak of the Week is a young girl compelled to draw strange and terrible pictures in her notebook until finally a blood vessel in her head explodes and she dies. (But, let’s not think about that part right now…)

It’s also odd that although one of my prime stated goals with this project is to improve my drawing skills, I have managed so far to avoid working on one of my worst problems, perspective. Perspective is to drawing (and therefore, art) as rhythm is to music. You can have beautiful melody (line) and harmony (color), but if your perspective is off, it’s just awful, like listening to a song where the drummer can’t keep time.

So today is a little beginner’s exercise in “forced perspective” itself. Forced perspective is actually not something involving perspective lines, but rather it’s found in those goofy tourist photos where you take a picture of someone (apparently) hugging the Tower of Pisa, or crushing someone’s head. You’re supposed to do a double take and be able to see the scene in more than one way.

This is also an exercise in specificity in drawing. The placement of every line (theoretically) matters. In this picture, there’s one little line which, if removed, changes the entire meaning of the scene. (The horizontal line going across the lower part of Astrid’s leg)

(Just for shits and giggles, I used a lined notebook paper texture from iColorama, so you can see how much work my sense of perspective really needs…)