Fringe 365 Project – #338


If we can send the boy into the future to that moment, he can demonstrate to those scientists a different kind of intelligence, an enlightenment that goes beyond knowledge or cognition to something greater. And when they see what he is, when they study him, they will realize all that he is… living proof that they don’t have to sacrifice emotion for intelligence. And they will never go down that path.

After a difficult journey that took much longer than Walter had expected, he and Michael finally gained permission to visit the laboratory of the reclusive scientist in Norway… but were they too late?

This scene takes a few liberties with the situation as described in “The Boy Must Live,” since the scientist in Norway was not actually engaged in creating Observers per se, just doing research into human emotion. However, who is to say that the reset didn’t result in some timey-wimey goodness (or perhaps, Walter’s time travel inoculation did not work as designed)? Maybe Walter walked into a situation (and a person) he didn’t anticipate…