Fringe 365 Project – #335


PETER: I think I was having a bad dream. I was a kid, in my room. You were there.

WALTER: And the rest? You don’t remember it?

(2×05, “Dream Logic”)

“Dream Logic” – the Fringe dream episode without the killer butterflies, just in case you get them mixed up.

This entry was inspired by a very good book I’ve started reading, Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers. One of the exercises in the book (which is all “noir” storyboarding) is to simply draw shapes in black and white and develop a scene from there. This forces you to slow down and really think. It also helps a lot when you stick to the classic rules of composition, such as the Rule of Thirds:

Photo Dec 01, 2 49 45 PM

When not working from a reference, I sometimes get confused by a lot of different vague ideas, such as things that would be in Peter’s Over There room for example, but if you have a guide on where to place these details, it helps you to be specific with the ideas. The Rule of Thirds really helps suggest where details ought to go.

I was very tempted to post this on Tumblr in a “redverse-vs-blueverse” filter-colored version, but ultimately decided not to.