Fringe 365 Project – #328


I was planning to do a series of three drawings from “Peter” showing things cracking/breaking. (But, as often happens, I had only time for just the one.) It only just occurred to me that this was sort of a recurring theme running through the episode: things getting broken and cracked. The magic window; the vial of Walter’s cure; and the ice on Reiden Lake. “The first crack in a pattern of cracks, spaces between the worlds…”

The weird thing about this one, is that absolutely none of it was drawn. Everything in this scene was created by custom brushes, procedural effects, transforms of brush marks, and a 3D model (the window, which I built in Sketchup about a year ago). All I did was color stuff in.

I used Decosketch to make the circular shatter pattern in the window. Decosketch is a very cool app that has procedural brushes that are very “science-fiction-y,” including a whole slew of radial effects. Unfortunately, Decosketch also has an insanely hard learning curve if you are trying to use it as an art tool. Just because there are SO many options, and the controls aren’t very intuitive, and not a whole lot of levels of “undo.” I also used Decosketch for some of the random lab stuff.

The window model (you can see some poses of it here) is a much simplified version of the window prop on the show. I made it when I wasn’t very familiar with Sketchup. Since then I have made a lab set and also Walternate’s office on Liberty Island, which were used in previous Fringe 365 entries.

For some of the other lab stuff, I used third-party “shape” brushes in Procreate. They stamp out three-dimensional lit shapes, which you can transform and skew to (hopefully) match the lighting and perspective. Boxes and cylinders were skewed to make the stuff on the desk. (Yes, it takes a long time… faster to draw this stuff really.)