Fringe 365 Project – #325

WALTER: For a catastrophic explosion like that, I imagine he had some sort of surgical implant. Dental ceramic crowns. If they were to vibrate at just the right resonant frequency… I always hated dentists.

(3×02, “The Box”)

If the NSA is monitoring everyone’s web searches, they must have a huge file on me, because they’re going to wonder what I was doing looking for things like “exploding heads.” (I actually wonder this, myself.) So just how do heads explode? There is no higher authority than David Cronenberg’s Scanners. What a classic.

This was done in 60-odd frames in Animation Studio HD – producing 2 seconds of animation, which I slowed down a bit in iMovie. This app has good drawing tools for a program like this, but it’s a bit of a challenge for me to make the colors and pencil/paint strokes match from frame to frame, even if you duplicate frames as you go forward. (The app does have a layer function, which I forgot to use.) This doesn’t even rise to the level of animating a figure, but I enjoyed finally working with this app on something other than a black and white sketch. Hand animation sure does require a lot of thinking. No wonder everyone uses computers now.