Fringe 365 Project – #321


When we win — when we beat them — I want everyone to know that Etta is responsible for the world being saved.

(5×05, “An Origin Story”)

This one was done in a similar manner to entry #313.

The best/worst thing about digital art compared to traditional, is that your palette can be changed to almost anything you can imagine after the fact, thanks to layers and filters. This makes the actual painting process easier – no need to stress out about colors that aren’t working, you can always change ’em later – but also much harder to finish… just because of the huge array of choices available. In traditional media, depending on what sort of medium you are using, there’s just so much you can do to change the entire look and feel of a painting short of making heavy corrections.

And what about cropping? In digital art, you can change the focus of the picture in seconds. More choices, more decisions. Would this have been more effective? (“less is more”)


As you can see in the painting process video, I painted this with a very different color scheme. I often use filters to touch up color, but I rarely wind up deciding to change the palette so drastically. I liked the gloomy and dramatic mood that the red/green contrast gave to the original, but in the end I felt there was something slightly off balance about the composition and that, being such a complicated image, perhaps the colors needed to be more unified. (Actual elapsed time, about 4 1/2 hours.)

Even now, I can see some positioning things I probably would change… and this being digital art, I could easily go back and do it… but, knowing when to stop is an art skill to learn also.