Fringe 365 Project – #314


Fringe: The Harvard Years. Wouldn’t it be awesome to someday have a prequel TV show about Walter, William and Nina in their years as students together in Boston? (As long as it wasn’t on the CW, it could be pretty cool!)

This one involved a big hunt for references for younger versions of Blair Brown, Leonard Nimoy and John Noble. Blair Brown was in seemingly everything on TV in the early ’70s, so she wasn’t too hard to locate. Leonard Nimoy actually had a promising acting career before Spock happened to him, so pre-Spock material exists, and he wasn’t a bad looking dude (although, my version of him seemed to come out looking more like Zachary Quinto.) John Noble? Well, if you are looking for photo references for him before the age of 40, good luck… but that’s exactly what I had! Yes, there actually exists a high school photo of John out there on the Internets. He looks to be about maybe fourteen in it, so I tried to make him look a little older. (But he sort of looks like Chris Pine here I think…oh well).

One of the things that made Fringe so exciting, was the sense that you could go literally anywhere with the mythology they created. You could go forward (where’s Walter?), you could go sideways (what’s happening the alt-Universe these days?) or you could go backward (the Harvard years… and even back to Nazi Germany). So, in the past, what would these crazy kids have been up to? Maybe uncovering a lot of secrets about their parents and grandparents and what they were doing in World War 2, all while tripping on drugs. You could definitely tie it into the Bishop family history I think.