Love in the Time of Crossing Over


Fringe 365 Project #313

I don’t usually give my daily projects fancy titles, but I love the track titles on Chris Tilton’s Fringe soundtracks, and this title especially! Now that the Fringe 365 Project is moving toward its conclusion, it’s time to think about “crossing over” to 2014.

However, this entry really takes me back to my past to my non-fanart days. (Some of my non-Fringe digital art can be seen here.) Although I come from traditional media (acrylics mainly), I have always used computers to help compose my ideas before beginning to work with paint. Something I especially like to do is taking multiple images and place them together to see if anything interesting happens. It’s odd that I never applied this to the Fringe 365 Project until this late in the game.

You’ll probably recognize the screenshots I used as references for this entry (they come from “6B” and “Over There”). With my non-fan-art, I almost always use reference images that I create (photograph) myself, so it’s felt a little weird during this whole year creating fan art, which is by definition derivative. It’s also felt very weird trying to complete finished or semi-finished pieces in 2-3 hours per day, which is kind of crazy, and to be honest the “hurry up and finish this” aspect of the project is something I won’t miss. (I’m used to taking a couple of weeks, at least, to finish pictures.) When it goes well, it’s exciting; when it doesn’t, it’s slightly terrifying.

I started the Fringe 365 Project with a particular goal of learning to draw better. I think I’ve made reasonably good progress and now feel confident enough to draw people, which is amazing to me because I never used to draw people. However, now toward the end of the project, I find myself coming full circle back to painting, which is where I started from, and which is where I will return. (My figure drawing lessons, however, will definitely continue… I spend at least two hours every weekend just trying to keep up with Proko and my anatomy books, and I’ll have even more time for that in the future.) I started the project thinking I would do actual comics, and maybe I will eventually, but for 2014 I see myself just trying to come up with quality, speculative Fringe concept paintings perhaps once a month… and definitely getting back to my non-fan art. The real challenge will be to not lose the daily discipline even when there is no daily deadline. Art is more muscle than talent… use it or lose it.

As for this project – it was composed in Sketch Club (which just had an exciting new release allowing different canvas sizes) and painted in Procreate on four layers. Like some of my non-fanart projects, it sort of pushes the compositional boundaries a bit (just on this side of TOO much going on?) and the wild colors are very much up my street as well. Here’s a video of the painting process before filtering and final corrections – iColorama and Lenslight this time. (By the way, filters are so useful in digital art, that Procreate’s next big update will contain filters within the app.) Actual elapsed time, about three hours.