Fringe 365 Project – #292


What a difference a day makes! (and a shave…)

This morning, I found on my Tumblr stream a hot tip about a new-ish drawing program called Mischief. Because I am always up to try out tools new and old, I was very intrigued by its claim to offer “infinite scalability” using vectors. Being able to resize your drawings without loss of line quality is the holy grail for many digital artists, and while Mischief doesn’t really use vectors for everything, I was sufficiently impressed by it to purchase it within fifteen minutes of trying it out. (More on Mischief later…)

I also had the opportunity recently to try out some touch-sensitive styluses (styli?) for iPad, the Jot Touch and the Pogo Connect (not sure which versions I tried)… and sadly, I wasn’t very impressed. It is a shame because while the iPad is a much underrated art tool, I have to admit that the lack of touch sensitivity is finally starting to get to me. There are a lot of ways you can overcome this limitation on the iPad, through clever use of brushes and really just through adapting your technique to make up for it (such as with varying line weights by speed instead of pressure). But you do lose a certain natural quality.

So I’m glad I found something that might be a good substitute for the expensive and bloated Photoshop because I am probably going to be spending more time with my good old Wacom tablet for my basic drawings at least, and importing drawings back to the iPad for painting, finishing and other fun tricks. This fall I have been rather distracted by work, especially a disruptive trip I had to take to a conference, and I feel the need to get back to basics.

As for Walter, you can see how much looser and natural this pic looks compared to the profile study of Peter that I did yesterday. Both were completed in about the same amount of time. I was going to simply draw the basic outline in Mischief and finish it on the iPad, but Mischief’s endless-zoom feature is so addictive that I wound up doing much more of it on the tablet than planned.