Fringe 365 Project – #291

Joshua Jackson is a handsome man, but he is so f&*#$@#ing hard to draw. In my opinion.

Today’s entry was supposed to be a series of quick character profiles (that is, in profile) in sort of a cartoonish style. I made the mistake of starting on Peter first. I was dissatisfied with each try, and I just threw the plan out the window and spent the whole time with him. That’s why this pic probably looks a little labored.

Or maybe it’s that profiles are hard to draw. There is not much wiggle room to fudge the details. You’d be amazed at how big a difference a line or angle makes. (Although, something I’ve learned over time is that you actually can get the face a bit wrong if you get someone’s HAIR right. We seem to recognize people by the shape of their heads and their hairlines most of all.)

Josh has a chin that juts out a bit, especially in comparison with his small “denture sphere” (which means he has a smallish set of teeth), and a bit of chubby cheeks depending on which phase of the moon it is (or something like that); and the temptation to overemphasize his eyebrows is always there. In my opinion, he has a rather difficult combination of strong features and soft ones. (Not like John Noble, who is rather easier to draw and has broad, strong features across the board; any difficulty in drawing him comes from capturing the irregular effects of aging.)

Procreate’s stubble brush was invaluable here not just because Peter/Josh has stubble, but because it’s the only way to plausibly develop the oh so slightly doughy facial form. My hats off to anyone who attempts stubble by drawing each individual hair, but… I’m not that crazy, personally…