Fringe 365 Project – #269


4×17, “Everything In Its Right Place”

I was kind of surprised in Season 4 when Fringe’s writers brought on a newfangled breed of shapeshifters. At the time it seemed to me like that had “already been done.” But when you think about it, the shapeshifters are just as important as the doppelgangers are when it comes to Fringe’s exploration of identity. At first they started off as unambiguously bad guys, but then we started to see shapeshifters with heart. Finally there was Canaan, the repentant (and defective?) shapeshifter who turned himself in to work with Fringe Division here on our side.

I’m not too sure Canaan is having a smooth time of it in the post-2015 world. He may have stopped shifting, but how will he ever really fit in? I think he would be tempted to slip back into a life of petty crime, perhaps falling in with the “fringe elements” (conspiracy theorists, dreamers and coffee smugglers) who are trying to find a way back to the Other Side.