Fringe 365 Project – #263


4×19, “Letters of Transit”

This is a favorite scene of mine, and and a lot of it has to do with what was happening off-camera at the time. When this episode aired, Fringe had not yet received a renewal. For the typically strange 19th episode, Fringe gave us this very odd, time-displaced, sort of “backdoor pilot” episode. But the show’s renewal was not at all assured, so if the show had been cancelled and didn’t come back, we would have been left with this what-might-have-been story.

So this is the final shot of the episode, which was all about the future, and where we’ve just met this beautiful young woman who we’ve just learned is the continuation of the Bishop family. The image of the train is so emblematic of the show. Speeding off confidently into a very unknown future – that was Fringe. Even if a TV show is really just the communal result of a lot of people working together to create something… Fringe had a personality and a brave spirit that was very distinctive and unique.

As it happened, the renewal was announced not too long after this episode aired, but at the time, nobody knew for sure. For me, this onscreen moment was worth expressing again.