Fringe 365 Project – #262


OLIVIA: My stepfather? I killed him.

(4×02, “One Night in October”)

After having met Peter, Olivia felt much more in control of her life. The night that her stepfather came home in a rage, she took his gun and deliberately shot him in the leg twice. Having never met Peter, Olivia panicked and grabbed her stepfather’s gun. When he came at them, she aimed wildly and pulled the trigger. The bullet went upward and hit his heart, and he died instantly.

“One Night in October” is one of my favorite episodes, but I never felt like there was anything in the Professor McClennan story that I could do any justice to because it was already done so well on screen. There’s one image in the episode that really stuck with me for some reason and that is during the Marjorie flashback when they film her with a double exposure. So, here is Olivia in double exposure – her yellow and blue versions.