Fringe 365 Project – #252

When the Bridge was closed and Fringe Division changed its mission, knowledge of the Other Side not only remained highly classified, but agents were on strictest notice never to discuss the alternate universe with anyone outside their own unit.

But more and more, Olivia found herself telling stories of Over There to Etta at bedtime – disguised as fairy tales about a vague faraway world where where there were rocket flights to the Moon, and where everyone traveled on zeppelins, and where everyone’s secret twin lived.

tumblr_msu48zOsNC1rzirmio2_1280As Etta grew up, she knew it was all just a fairy tale, but part of her still believed it was true. What if there was another world? What if she had a secret twin? And she never stopped being crazy about zeppelins.

tumblr_msu48zOsNC1rzirmio3_1280For her 12th birthday party, Peter and Olivia arranged a very special surprise: a ride for her and all her friends on Massive Dynamic’s brand new advertising zeppelin. Etta was thrilled.

tumblr_msu48zOsNC1rzirmio4_1280Peter and Olivia were hoping this would finally get her obsession with zeppelins, and traveling to other worlds, out of her system.

It didn’t work.


This is just a fill-in of backstory, related to why Etta might have wanted to stow away in the White Tulip Machine. I would like to develop some of these sketches further.