Fringe 365 Project – #250


WALTER: I was unable to control my limbs in that icy water. I was incapable of saving you, or myself. We were dead, Peter, you and I. Until someone grabbed me. And we were going up. We were saved, both of us, by a man that I had never met. A man that shouldn’t have been there at all. He pulled us to the shore. I remembered that he was bald, that he had no eyebrows. (1×04, “The Arrival”)

I never learned how to do Flash or computer animation (nor do I have the financial means to buy the leading programs) so surely there are more efficient ways of doing this than creating 11 individual frames and turning them into a GIF. But actually this was just two pieces of artwork run 11 times through two different filters in iColorama – one that distorts a photo in a wave pattern (the background/Observer), and one that enlarges/rotates a photo (the foreground/figures). The images were combined in layers to form 11 frames. It didn’t take a whole lot of planning! (Except, the bubbles probably should have been animated for real.)