Fringe 365 Project – #243


When the Bridge was closed forever in 2012, everything changed. William Bell had never been found, and the damage wreaked by his experiments had killed many people on both sides. It was the task of Fringe Division — headed by General Broyles — to make sure that the connection between the Universes stayed closed. No one could ever be allowed to cross over again.

The Division had its hands full. Conspiracy theorists, curious members of the public, and fringe scientists were constantly testing the limits. There was always the danger that unauthorized individuals would see something, hear rumors, and try to achieve the unimaginable themselves. General Broyles was no desk jockey, and he personally oversaw Fringe Division’s field operations, which were more efficient than ever before thanks to the Division’s new science head, Nina Sharp. With Massive Dynamic’s help, a vast surveillance network monitored not only every new anomaly, but also quietly gathered information on anyone who was experimenting too much, getting too close to the truth… that there was another world, like our own, but different.

Olivia Dunham kept making excuses not to accept Broyles’ offers of a promotion. Although she still loved her work, things just didn’t seem the same.

Walter Bishop did not like what was happening to Fringe Division. And when he suddenly disappeared in 2015, at first everyone thought he was trying to demonstrate a point.

What was intended just to be a simple study of Broyles unexpectedly turned into yet another chapter in my ongoing Fringe saga. (Yes, all the pieces of the story are interrelated!) I thought about this for a bit and decided that Broyles, whose is true-blue and 100% American, would only oversee this expansion of Fringe Division’s scope out of a sense of duty. Furthermore, I think going Over There and seeing his alter-self commit a betrayal, would have just as jarring an effect on him as seeing (blueverse) alt-Broyles chopped up in pieces a hero. If Broyles knew his alter could commit treason, wouldn’t he worry he himself was capable of the same? This is part of why Broyles has rededicated himself to national security – with a vengeance. As they say… the road to hell is paved with those good intentions.

I’d also totally forgotten that Nina Sharp was invited to join Fringe Division at the end of Season 4, so, there’s that. Where Massive Dynamic goes, no pure good can really follow…

This realization of what happens to Fringe Division in the post-2015 world slightly effects some of the previous concepts, including the White Tulip Machine. In this scenario, the Machine would actually have to be Peter’s secret project (not funded by Fringe Division). I think the entire Lab team would be under some vague government suspicion in our new, post-NSA-era Fringe Division. Poor Broyles! He loves the team, but he has his duty to consider too. Angst! And don’t even get me started on the inter-universe coffee smuggling that would actually still be taking place somehow, causing fringe events — and enabling me to bring back a minor character from Season 4 who I always wanted to see again… whom I will probably deal with in a future daily entry.