Fringe 365 Project – #229


“The Funeral of Olivia Dunham”

3×22, “The Day We Died”

September’s Notebook is a great sourcebook for Fringe fan artists! All sorts of interesting alternate views of scenes, and sketches from the show’s art department make terrific reference material. This is based on a scene still from the book (I’m guessing the photo is by Liane Hentscher?). I tried out a new (to me) program called Alchemy which is designed for free-association doodling, but used it in a more conventional manner to sketch out the layout of this scene. This isn’t the most exciting composition, but it least it has a diagonal.


I imported this to my iPad and refined it in Procreate, then added color. This picture only uses four colors: orange, yellow, blue and a tiny dash of red. All done with glaze layers. Again, it’s so worthwhile to start in black and white. The interesting thing is that the most important colors you add are the tiny little dashes of color (such as on the Fringe Division arm patches), which give the illusion of you using many colors when you are just using a few.