Fringe 365 Project – #211


When doing a comic book, animation or other project requiring concept art, usually you start off with a character reference page that shows what the character wears, how they look and move, etc. This isn’t really a true character reference, but the point of this entry was to show a character posing in a particular outfit, without using a reference photo that shows the pose. (You know, actually drawing from imagination, which is our ultimate goal as artists!) It’s really more about the costume than it is about Olivia.

I started by using a croquis form to sketch Olivia’s leather jacket and the rest of her outfit first – in effect, creating my own reference – and making notes. Then I drew a female form without clothes in the pose I wanted, and then had a go at drawing the clothes on her. Maybe an unconventional way of doing it (clothing a naked model) but I think you are forced to think about how clothes really fit on the body this way, rather than using shortcuts where you just go ahead and draw the shapes of the clothes. (Doing clothes folds is a challenge in itself and something for more study)

I found this a very worthwhile exercise and I want to do more of these with different characters (and outfits).

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