Fringe 365 Project – #180


Sometimes on a daily drawing project you fall into a little rut… so I decided to draw some “tech.”

I always found it kind of interesting that Fringe never made a fetish out of technology. The term “tech” was shorthand for what was always a clear McGuffin in the plotlines – “a piece of ancient tech,” or “it’s just tech,” or “You are nothing but tech!” And the props department always made likely-looking devices, but with utilitarian design. Fringe just wasn’t a show where gadgetry held a huge fascination, even if it was important to the plotline occasionally.

The Observer tech is really just a sort of stylized spark plug with a needle extending out of it, and a purple LED at the top (an unusual color for Fringe). I’m not sure I got it exactly right, since three or four reference images were required and none of them showed the device in its entirety.

Done in Sketch Club with a little Lenslight.