Fringe 365 Project – #141


I wonder what made Joel Wyman choose Norway as the mythical destination for Walter’s last journey. Possibly it gives the connotation of a place where a cold, unemotional scientist would hang out. (I still think the scientist who created the Observers was William Bell himself.)

This was done in Procreate as a super-huge “widescreen” pic, and I doodled the landscape in greyscale with some funky brushes. It started to look like something, and I realized it was Norway.

I’m not sure what ongoing story about Walter and Michael you could write, because in a way, Walter has graduated to science fiction god status (apotheosis) and perhaps no longer does he interfere in the affairs of science, except for this final mission. But, the journey itself could be interesting. And maybe if we wish hard enough, he will come back for a visit.