Fringe 365 Project – #138

138 A sort of neat trick was involved in this one. There’s no onscreen shot or production still that shows Peter in his entirety standing on the lift in front of the machine, yet I was able to create a good reference image I wanted, because the camera pans up during the scene (in “6:02 AM EST”) where he was standing there. The reference image was a composite of the pan. The camera in this scene seemed to be on a lift (ie not a pan from a fixed spot), so the perspective of the composite image had some weirdness to it, which had to be corrected in the drawing. So if you ever use this method as a reference aid, make sure not to draw exactly what you see. (Using screenshots as a reference will introduce subtle perspective problems anyway, so you should always in the end put away your reference image and finish with what looks right on the paper or tablet…)