Fringe 365 Project – #135


Nina fell down the elevator shaft in 3×19 “LSD,” but did we ever see her fall? Thanks to the magic of fanart, we can! woot.

I returned to the same style I used the other day in #133. This drawing (completely a Sketch Club production) started with 3 or 4 grayscale values and then the “On” function was used to create shading with so-called “vector” gradients. Color was then laid over the gray, some texturing put in with brushes, and the end result run through a filter.

The “on” function was also useful for making color variations on what was originally just a black and white drawing.

This style is fun and quick, and it’s on my short list for a future webcomic style. I suppose you could call it a pseudo-anime style, since the backgrounds are stylized and the characters are a little cartoony. For example, Nina’s face would not be lit up so much if it was photorealistic. But for clarity’s sake, she had to be lit more.