Fringe 365 Project – #125


The first picture from my new retina iPad! Yay…

With the new iPad 4 comes more speed, an OS upgrade and an upgrade to Procreate, which I was eager to try out, so today was something painterly. The reference image was a screenshot from 4×02, “One Night in October,” which originally also contained Broyles, but I decided to make Olivia front and center.

My trusty old iPad 2 is still used for some things, but was pressed into service here as the reference display. While it may seem convenient to import your reference as a layer so that you can see it up close on screen, in my experience, everything always turns out better when you look at your reference from a distance.

The original reference was all lit in green, but I wanted to see what different kinds of lighting would do for the mood.

At the very end, I used a bit of Sketch Club to help me draw some fine lines.