Fringe 365 Project – #120


It’s time for Brown Betty! For some reason, this episode just never came up in my random “episode of the day” prompts so far. I’m glad to do a week’s worth of ideas, because it lets me do NOIR! My favorite…

The reference image for this is an official production still of the fabulous Lance Reddick. I spent too much time doing experiments on using pointillism to create a “smoky” background, but when I imported my line drawing, I thought it the figure actually looked better with minimal fill – that is, just mostly the lines superimposed on the background, with shadows added. I wound up filling in a lot of the figure anyway, but there is no fill on the highlighted part of his face, and that was intentional. I’ll try this technique again someday (and be braver in doing less fill).

The cigarette smoke was made with Photoshop brushes. (If I had had more time, I would have liked to do the smoke in a different manner.)