Fringe 365 Project – #119


John Noble can be relatively easy to draw, or hard, depending on what approach you take. If you want absolute photorealism and want to tackle all his marvelous wrinkles, this post isn’t for you. The good news is that you don’t need to draw all the wrinkles on his face in order to make him look like himself. But there are a few things that are important.

The great news is that the lower part of John Noble’s face is really easy to draw. The two vertical lines going from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth are called the nasolabial folds. You can never go wrong by making these folds on his face prominent, as they are almost his defining feature. John also has a very wide mouth. (If you are drawing him from the side, he has what is called an aquiline nose.)

lidsnoThe trickiest part about drawing John Noble is making sure his eyes are correct. As people get older, the skin around their eyes puffs and sags and hides much of the opening, and that is the case with him. When drawing eyes, we tend to draw the eyelid line all the way across the eye socket. But as you can see from the example at left (yes, I made this mistake), with John this should not be done. The outer part of his eyelid will sag down toward the eye, so that part of the eyelid line should not be defined with a line. (The markings in red show what should be removed.)

In the Peter version of this, it was noted that Joshua Jackson actually doesn’t have baggy eyes, but rather, he has large lower lids. John Noble, though, does have bags under his eyes (you can see that his lower lids are just above them, and very small). Even if you are not drawing lots of wrinkles, you should include the bags under his eyes.

His eyebrows are not very prominent, so they should not be drawn heavily. He also has a number of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead which shouldn’t be forgotten. That’s where I stopped on this picture, as far as the wrinkles. If you are more ambitious, go to town!

There is no “right” way to do his hair (and no right color, since Walter’s hair color seemed to change throughout the series), but it will always be more or less curly or wavy, and note that the front/center part of his hairline is relatively low on the forehead. That’s not a curl falling over his forehead – that’s the hairline and any hair strokes you make should go upward from there.