Fringe 365 Project – #113


I’ve decided that this will be “Firefly Week” on Fringe 365. It’s one of my favorite episodes…and this week I could use the extra “think time” so I don’t need to think hard about a new episode each day.

Lesson learned this week: It is easier to make thin lines thicker, than vice versa. When drawing line art, err on the side of thin-ness. I did not do this, and had to spend a great deal of time in “post” (ie, Photoshop) making all sorts of random corrections.

For the background, I used a reference photo of a park near my house (“I just know I can use this in a project someday”) and made use of Sketch Club’s vector brush. It would have been very obvious, and easier, and maybe more dramatic, to simply have a silhouette of September beneath the trees… but honestly I’ve used that idea a lot recently, and decided to get more up and close personal with him. (God, I love September. No eyebrows, no hair, basic costume, and he stands like a statue most of the time.)

Fortunately, there was a logical place to put him in this scene. The lighting was a concern – not difficult to conceive, but just wondering how shadowy the shadowy areas should be, and how to make it feel remotely real that he was a part of this scene.

The sun in the upper right corner probably should not be there, as the light source is clearly coming from further “off camera” stage right.

Done entirely in Sketch Club, except for the line art which was Sketchbook Ink.