Fringe 365 Project – #100


Pretty excited about this one. It’s the first image where I’ve used my new Lab set in Sketchup, which I created using the Season 1 J.R. Orci model as a reference.

The Lab is supposedly modeled on the Golden Section, but there is only one existing “floor plan” and it isn’t very readable. The Orci model does not match the layout of the lab in later seasons, but it’s better than nothing. In fact, the exact layout of the lab in the show seemed to change from season to season anyway.

Gene’s stall is actually in a space that appears to be marked off for offices in the Orci model. But when I looked at a reference photo of Gene in the lab from episode 222 (“Over There”) I squealed because the layout matched my model almost exactly! (But Gene’s stall is actually in an office behind double doors, where here I have put her behind one of the lab railings.)

You can also download a “coloring page” for this scene if you want to color in Gene’s spots yourself.