Fringe 365 Project – #99


Day 99 was very “meta” also, but not in a good way! The episode prompt was 2×18 “The Man from the Other Side,” so I decided to take on the shapeshifter baby. Not sure what I wanted to do exactly, so I got a bunch of reference images and just started sketching aimlessly. Not to mention I was feeling very under the weather after I got home from work, so I got a late start.

By 9 pm, it started to dawn on me that — much like the poor doomed aborted shapeshifter in this
episode — what I was drawing was never going to become what it was supposed to be. (META!)

And sometimes you are going to have days like this, when nothing is coming together as planned and the clock is ticking.

Since failure is not an option for this project, I reverted to the last strategy of the desperate: the thumbnail sketch.

CtrlPaint has a good video about the use of the thumbnail sketch. Shrink your canvas down to as
small as you can stand it, then start drawing:

If your sketch “works” as a thumbnail, usually it will work as the basis of a full-size picture — all you have to do is expand it to its real size, and proceed from there. But if you start sketching full size, sometimes you can go wrong without realizing it, and viewed small, your sketch may look like crap (because it is).

Although these sketches are not very detailed, they at least have something approaching proper arrangement. And, because I made sure to do a bunch of them (even though they were done without much detail), I now have at least one or two that might merit further pursuit as real drawings. (I like 99c.)

Of course, I think anyone would tell you, starting with the thumbnail sketch is the best
way to go. It certainly would have saved me a couple of hours.