Fringe 365 Project – #98


Here is a single-reference piece, based on a screenshot from 5×06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There.” I love the noir style and would like to do more of them. I seem to always succumb to the temptation to color them, though (as in No. 93). Next time I will just do black and white, I swear.

The interesting thing about the noir style is that it’s actually better when you don’t use crosshatching. Just contours of deep (black) shadow and textural details drawn in pen. Unfortunately this reference photo did not have too many textures on the walls except for some stucco and cracks; I probably should have invented something.

This probably should have been kept in the 16:9 ratio from the screenshot, since the episode was beautifully shot to highlight the freaky “pocket universe” set they built. It’s a bit off, here in a standard aspect ratio. However, it is the pocket universe, so that means my shadows don’t always have to make sense. Ha ha.

Done entirely in Sketch Club, which is my new fave app-of-the-moment.