Fringe 365 Project – #96


Peter Bishop did this.

We don’t know exactly how or when the Redverse was destroyed in the original timeline, whether it was in 2011 or later. But there must have been one last terrifying day.

When Peter climbed into the Machine originally, he chose to use it in a manner that pitted one world against the other. Perhaps he didn’t know how to use it correctly; or it was just human nature to choose to deny the reality of “The Other.”

Nature seeks a balance that no amount of time manipulation can restore. It can only be set right by sacrifice. Someone must pay. An erased life was fair trade for the obliteration of billions…

I took several days to work on this one, using Sketchbook Ink, Procreate and Photoshop with an assist from LensFlare/LensLight. I stumbled across a simple Photoshop trick which I have to think must be well known to people already — how to use Dodge and Color to create distant patches of fire and smoke. But if you don’t know how to do it already, here’s how:


Use a small, soft round brush to lighten the “flame and smoke” areas using Dodge. Then, on a separate layer set to Color, color the lightened areas with a medium strong orange. This will produce a deep orange or even red. Then, use the brush again on Dodge to lighten parts of the red areas, which will turn them lighter orange or yellow. Leave some of the lightened areas uncolored for an appearance of gray or white smoke above the flames. (I used a simple round brush for this, but you may get even better results with a custom brush.)

I have a really bad tendency to wind up with “dead” corners in my compositions. Sometimes it’s convenient to put the daily number in the dead spots! But, when you have a picture that has strong light and strong shadow, you probably do have to balance it out a wee bit. I thought I would add a sneak light source to balance the picture in the form of glowing embers seen around Bolivia. Not sure how well it works, but that’s what experiments are for!