Fringe 365 Project – #92


This one was so meta! The episode prompt was 2×13, “The Bishop Revival,” one of my favorites because it showed that Walter could be unethical, too. And I couldn’t resist the obvious: attempting to recreate the bohemian dude’s Hitler collage, except with our favorite mad scientist. It would be more of a Photoshop project than a drawing, but I felt very inspired.

Except, the Hitler collage is supposed to be bad art. And why was it bad? For one thing, because it was obvious. (!) For another, because it was just a collage of found objects put together. I debated with myself all evening whether I should just collect scientific notes of famous scientists from the Internet and incorporate them as found objects, or if I should draw the notes myself. (I wanted to be true to the source material, you see!)

I settled on a happy medium (some found objects, some drawn ones) but then I looked at the result and was… less than enthused. It just looked bad. Judge for yourself:


So, I didn’t use that draft. Lesson for today: Sometimes less is more. In the words of Peter Bishop: “That is deep.”