Fringe 365 Project – #89

89dSo, we’ve gotten Big Eddie out of the way. Although Big Eddie is always on the list of fans’ favorite things that the writers forgot about… I think that he should ideally always be unseen, like Maris on Frasier.

Lots of folds in this drawing. My philosophy is that it is easier to over-draw and then remove lines, than to add lines later. And when looking at a reference, it is easy to draw more of it than you need (which can eat up time, which is why knowing how to draw without reference is always faster, which is why striving for that is worth it in the end. This is probably a backwards way of learning. However, the trial and error of erasing unneeded lines is in itself educational. You will eventually learn what is important to keep and what isn’t, and gradually you will know instinctively what to draw and what not to draw.

This picture is not highlighted very dramatically with the folds. I spent some time trying it with a highlight layer, but time ran out and I realized too late that highlights should have been done in Sketchup Ink (with its clean vector lines) to look their best. So there is only a hinting of highlighting and shading here, which is better than nothing.

I tried Freddie Williams’ tip for making line weights heavier (duplicating layers and gaussian blurring them) and it worked like a charm and saved a ton of work.

Sketchup Ink, Procreate, Noir.