Fringe 365 Project – #78


This is a single-reference picture (meaning, I didn’t use anything else for reference besides one photo). I sometimes do single-reference stuff when I am trying out a new technique.

This picture of Lincoln started life as a screenshot, and then was run through a black and white filter to produce a high contrast image emphasizing the light shining on his face (and glasses!) I used this as my reference.

The image was drawn in Procreate, then filled in with limited black and white values. Once the black and white drawing was done, I used Sketchbook Ink to draw hard lines on the edges, hair and parts of the glasses. The coloring was done with three renders from the Lensflare/Lenslight app.

The object today was to get more experience using Sketchbook Ink brushes (which require stroke control, just like real brushes do) and to play with L/L. Which is oddly appropriate for a picture of “LL” (Lincoln Lee)…