Fringe 365 Project – #77


Boston, Massachusetts, 1999.

Peter Bishop was born with a rare genetic illness and nearly died as a boy, but his father, the brilliant scientist Walter Bishop, was able to develop a cure for him.

The treatment saved him from certain death, but his health continued to be poor throughout his teenage years. He was only able to make it through his sophomore year at Harvard, so he took a part-time lab assistant job with Dr. William Bell.

Peter has nothing to do during his most recent relapse except read any book he can get his hands on. He particularly likes ones that speculate on particle physics, other dimensions and the limits of space and time.

His medications give him very strange dreams, and not long ago he had a vivid dream of being in an alternate universe, virtually identical to our own.

He has been thinking more about other worlds since then.

A potential comic that has no story attached: I call it “The Greenverse.” Sketchbook Ink, Procreate and Photoshop (again, same as #76).