Fringe 365 Project – #63


This entry was inspired by 1×11 “Bound,” a sort of generic “Olivia escapes” scene. Sketchup and Poser were involved in setting this one up.

It was an interesting but time-consuming process where I created a scene in Sketchup, moved the camera around to create various reference backgrounds, then imported the background images one by one into Poser as backdrops, then moved a Poser figure around in space until it matched each backdrop! Then I could pick which angle of the scene I liked the best. I suppose you can do this a lot easier in either Sketchup OR in Poser, but you can’t find nice human models for Sketchup, and forget trying to set up entire scenes in Poser if you have a slow computer.

It’s a method I’ve only used once, as it’s a little bit time-consuming… but worth it if you want to explore different angles of the same concept.