Fringe 365 Project – #60


When Walter was sent to St. Claire’s by court order after the Carla Warren case, he assumed it would be for three months at most before he would be transferred to an outpatient facility.

To pass the time, he brought with him the following:

—An Olivetti travel typewriter and 1 box (10 reams) of typing paper;

—1 box of Peek Freans (Fruit Creme);

—1 unopened bottle of Bac’n Bits;

—Personal medications;

—A flask;

—Shaving kit;

—Extra socks and underwear;

—Extra-large towel;

—Assorted European postcards (he intended to have these sent out from St Claire’s to Europe, then sent back from Europe to his colleagues to explain his absence – Belly would help);

—A Woods lamp;


—Toilet paper;

—Violet Sedan Chair album;

—The most current printing of DSM-III;

—A tabletop centrifuge, to help the nurses;

—A tape recorder and blank cassettes, to record his impressions.

All of it was taken away 10 minutes after his arrival.

I keep coming back to images of Walter at St. Claire’s.  When I drew the first St. Claire’s picture, I did it because I was pressed for time and needed something done quick… but I find I really quite like spending time in a mental institution (ha).  As a result, I am now considering doing an actual story about Walter in St. Claire’s next year, where I had no plans to do that before.

These pictures are an example of how I feel that a certain story or setting needs to have a certain style attached.  Fortunately, this style is easy to achieve.  I draw these in Procreate using the 6B pencil tool set to a fairly wide thickness, in simple black and white, and then run them through a bluish filter in Snapseed to heighten the claustrophobic feeling.  The aesthetic is supposed to be very “crazy person scribbling on a bedroom wall with crayons.”