Fringe 365 Project – #52


Gesture studies are pretty much the foundation of any artwork that isn’t static. They are easy to do, no matter how developed your talent is, but we don’t like to do them even though they are relaxing and fun and educational… why? Because we’re all perfectionists and the whole point of gesture sketches is NOT to be perfect.

I keep putting off doing these, so today here is Walter from 3×10 “The Firefly.” Usually when you do gesture studies, it’s all about drawing naked people in joyful contortions, but Walter is usually buried under a ton of lab coats and sweaters, except when he’s not. (ie pulling his pants down or actually cooking in the nude) So there’s that.

Walter is all about the hunched shoulders. In fact you could tell when John Noble was in character on the set as Walter (back when they were filming Fringe in Vancouver) because he was hunched over.

One last thing about gesture sketches and Fringe. On TV, we usually see the characters from the waist up. This is no good for gesture sketches which require the whole body so you can see what the spine is doing (of starters). But if this sounds like fun to you, go grab some screen caps and find ones where characters have their whole bodies showing. (Helps very much if they are not wearing clothes, either.)