Fringe 365 Project – #31


So, why DIDN’T Peter and Fauxlivia use a condom?

In the alternate universe, men are generally considered responsible for birth control. The “male pill” (actually, a colorless solution that can be dissolved in any drink, such as a beer) came on the market in 1972. It is very popular — regularly used by 72% of men under the age of 40.

While condoms are used, they are considered to be primarily for protection from certain specific diseases (and in fact, the brands sold Over There aren’t much good for contraception anyway).

He reached for the condom. Being up to date on all her screenings and vaccinations, she said, “Don’t worry – we don’t have to!”

“Awesome!” he thought. “She’s on the Pill!” (Of course, she assumed he was.)

It was just a simple misunderstanding.

No harm done, right?